Thursday Tip of the Day ... Wet Blending

February 1, 2018

Thursday Tip of the Day ... Wet Blending


Are you looking to add some visual impact to a piece? Wet Blending creates a 3-dimensional look and gives your furniture the Wow factor. 

Wet Blending is not difficult ... it just takes practice to ensure you achieve the look you're going for.


For this piece of furniture, I painted the surface 2 coats of Cardamon Brown to give it the base color to work from. Once those 2 coats dried, I then added Honfleur (dark brown) and Antique White very randomly across the surface. The next step is crucial as the Wet Blending only occurs when the surface is damp. Before the Honfleur and Antique White are allowed to dry, take a spray bottle of water and lightly mist the surface. Then take a brush and start blending the two colors together. Add more of the Honfleur or Antique White as desired and keep blending. Once I achieved the color I wanted, I then pulled the paint brush in one direction to create symmetry. However, you can blend in a circular motion and create another beautiful impact. 


Let me know if you have any questions about Wet Blending. It's super fun and creates such a beautiful finish.


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