Autumn Bliss ...

September 20, 2017


September 22nd arrived early this year ... I mean it's still 90 degrees here in SE Texas and I have Spring decorations in my house.  Did someone forget to send the memo?   Fall has arrived!!


In all honesty, I absolutely love this time of year ... well of course once the temperatures cool just a little bit.  I so enjoy the fall colors, a crispness in the air, the smell of cinnamon, carving pumpkins, opening the windows to let the fresh air in.  I also enjoy buying geraniums and mums and other beautiful Fall flowers that welcome all with a big smile.  Placing by the front door, planting in the flower bed, putting a few in pots on the porch.  This time of year just has a warmth to it.  It's so pleasing ... so refreshing ... so beautiful! 


Wishing each of you wonderful Fall days ahead.  Go out and enjoy these moments ... they only last so long and then Christmas is here!  Seriously?  Christmas?  ha ha ha  


Happy Fall my friends!



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