Decorating with various shades of Green

March 17, 2017

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought it would be fun to highlight different ways to decorate with the color Green.  This has always been one of my favorite colors.  Not only because it's a great hue that brings you back to nature, it's also a really nice neutral that can anchor a room.  Whether you choose to use this color as a focal backdrop on your walls, in your pictures, or as additional accents throughout a room, it will always provide that warmth and calm we so often look for.  


I've provided a few ideas on how to decorate a room using various shades of Green:


1.  Wall Color - this color can be fantastic on the walls of a room, or even as an accent wall. Since greens can differ based on undertones of yellows, blues, browns, it's important to ensure the color you select has the undertone you're searching for.  Be sure to purchase a sample of a few similar hues and test on a section of your wall.  Since lighting can be different in each home, it's always best to test a sample first to ensure you select the best choice for your room.


2.  Furniture - one piece of furniture in the room painted green will create a beautiful focal point and allow the room to reflect as more custom than all the furniture being varying shades of wood tones.  It will also allow more design and details to emerge when a piece reflects a different hue.  


3.  Accessories - anything from artwork to pillows to throws to window treatments to flowers.  The accessories provide the finishing touches to a room.  They also simplify your decorating scheme when wanting to change a few colors out.  


Whatever color you select to change the dynamics of your room, have fun with it and enjoy the aspect of something slightly different than what you've been used to.   Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Decorating!  


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