Spring Decorating in Shades of White

March 10, 2017


With talk of snow in so many areas of the country, it's hard to imagine that Spring is right around the corner.  This time of year is always that perfect season for freshening up our surroundings.  While I've always loved a pop of color here or there, White is a fun and creative way to transform a room into something Light and Bright.  Whether you're looking for a complete overhaul, or perhaps just to lighten things up a bit, White adds that clean neutral canvas that allows us to do what we want throughout the year.


White comes in so many variations that the color "White" is no longer as pure as it used to be.  Depending on which paint company you choose, some have upwards of 200 different shades of White.  Anything from yellows to blues to green undertones that change the hues slightly.  Who knew White was anything other than just White!  


Inexpensive and easy decorating ideas include simple transformations that allow a room to feel like a home.  Adding fresh flowers, fragrant candles, throw pillows, decorative candle holders, a throw, and so much more allows a homeowner to bring in elements of their own design with a fresh clean feel to the room.   This is another reason why White is such a great color choice when deciding on a rooms decor.  Various shades add that clean crisp feel we've been searching for, along with opportunities to add pops of color here or there.  



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