Happy Halloween ... Decorating with Style

October 27, 2016



"If ever there was a holiday that deserves to be commercialized, it's Halloween. We haven't taken it away from kids. We've just expanded it so that the kid in adults can enjoy it, too." ~~ Cassandra Peterson


This time of year is truly glorious and so much fun to decorate.  As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change color, we become surrounded by a radiance of beauty everywhere we look ... reds, burnt oranges, yellows, greens, browns ... the colors of Fall!  Since decorating for Fall can last all the way from September through the end of November, it allows us to enhance our decor for an entire season rather than just for a few weeks here or there.  


When we think of Halloween, we fondly cherish seeing the children dress in their adorable costumes ... memories we all share from our own childhoods.  We also can appreciate all the wonderful decorations different homeowners take to adorn the outsides of their homes for all to enjoy.  I have a 5-year old niece who loves when the outside of their home is decorated with all the wonderful blow-ups that come to life when the sun goes down.  She can hardly wait each year for the decorations to begin.  Other fun memories are carving pumpkins with family and/or friends, costume parties, hay rides, pumpkin picking, and more.  


Whatever Halloween means to you, there are numerous ways to enhance your home decor without spending a lot.  Remembering that the decorations you brought out in September at the start of the Fall Season are still used through Halloween and well into November. Therefore, decorating for Halloween becomes even more simplified if you will.  Here are a few tips to add to your existing Fall decor to give your home more of the feeling for Halloween:


1.  Pumpkins ... nothing seems to emulate Halloween more than pumpkins.  Anything from carving pumpkins to the various hues that exist when selecting a few for your decor. Tucking a few pumpkins on a mantle, console table, centerpiece of a dining table, arrangement in the middle of your kitchen island and more creates a timeless and elegant look.  Pumpkins give that subtle decorating sense of style without trying too hard.  There are also beautiful pumpkins in glass, woods, and metals that will enhance your decor year after year. Remembering that pumpkins used for Halloween can remain in your homes well into November.  


DIY Tip:  if you use real pumpkins in your decor, coat the pumpkins with a floor cleaner.  It will preserve the pumpkins for the whole season and provides a nice shine as well.


2.  Tablecloths, Runners, Pillows, Throws ... these are simple ways to change the decor to reflect Halloween while still maintaining a nice homey feel for Fall.  A tablecloth in a vintage and classic Halloween pattern is a stylish layer to the table that works well for buffets as well as family dinners.  Table Runners can be a fun way to showcase your Halloween spirit or provide for a more elegant touch to enhance your centerpiece decors on dining tables, kitchen tables, kitchen islands, buffets or console tables.  And don't forget about decorative pillows and throws for your couches and chairs.  Providing comfort with a fun Halloween theme brings a smile each and every time you enter that room.


3.  Iron Lanterns ... I cannot say enough about how much I love lanterns.  They are timeless additions to any decor and can be dressed up or down depending on the season, occasion or mood.  They are classy, functional and perfect for just about any decor.  


4.  Fall Foliage ... whether you're adding fall foliage to your decor through silk arrangements or beautiful plants found from your local gardening nursery, nothing ties a room together better.  I love seeing the Fall colors throughout my home and often times will pick up a few potted Mums in various shades of Fall to sit in my kitchen or on the island.  However, it's also enjoyable to have a few placed outside the front door, alongside various shapes and shades of pumpkins.  Makes for a festive entry for each and everyone.  


Whether you're someone who goes all out each and every Halloween or just looking to enhance a few spaces here or there, these ideas should help put you on the right path.  For whatever Halloween means to you, please enjoy this time of year and always remember to be safe.  Happy Halloween from our family to yours!  


(picture courtesy of Pinterest)

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