Showcasing a Family Treasure

August 31, 2016

During my father's 32-year tenure in the military, he befriended a  young up-and-coming artist while stationed in North Carolina.  The small city we lived in at that time had this beautiful fountain at the center of a small and quaint park.  My father commissioned this artist to paint the fountain as a remembrance of our time in North Carolina.  Later this artist opened his own Gallery and became quite a success prior to his passing.  Over the last 30+ years, my parents had this painting proudly displayed in their home.  It was always something we would glance at while visiting with a quick remembrance of living there so many years ago.  


With the passing of my own father recently, my mother gave me the painting to display in my home.  I found a beautiful vintage solid wood frame, then painted and antiqued it to showcase the beauty of the painting even more.  I will proudly hang this in my home for the next 30+ years as well and think of my father each and every time I pass by it.  


Often times we have family treasures or heirlooms that have significant meaning in some way to each of us.  How often do we tuck those memories away with only occasionally pulling them out to think and cherish in that moment?  If you have something that has meaning to you, think about ways of showcasing them in your home.  Anything from buying a beautiful frame for a painting, placing heirlooms in a shadowbox, using a concrete bench in your yard that belonged to your grandmother, and so much more.  It's thinking out of the box and creating new memories based on old memories.  The significance and meaning becomes even greater over time.  How amazing is that!  


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