Upping the Wow Factor

August 17, 2016

I came across this gorgeous kitchen while doing some research online.  I immediately fell in love with the warmth, style and class of this room.  It has clean lines, beautiful detail, and enough of a Wow factor to stop you in your tracks.  


Outside of the fact that the kitchen is beautiful on its own with the gorgeous light blue stove, warm white cabinets and moulding, and beautiful hardwood floors, the room appears more custom just by the placement of the antique Sideboard.  Taking a piece of furniture and using it in unconventional ways can change a room in more ways than you realize.  The simple placement of the Sideboard changed the dynamics of this kitchen and upped its Wow Factor tenfold.  It's what you notice most when taking a peek inside.  


Don't be afraid to step outside the box and try something new.  Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a piece of furniture and changing its look through paint.  Or changing the placement of furniture in ways you've not yet imagined.  By just a few simple touches, you can take a room from ordinary to extraordinary.  Have fun experimenting and let me know if you try something new and how you liked it.  


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