Tips for Sprucing up Your Home

July 8, 2016


Often times we look around our homes and wish for a room facelift ... rearranging and/or redecorating each aspect of each room so that it reflects our personalities of today and not of 10 years ago or more.  While that seems like a novel idea and one that would be fun and exciting if we could splurge in that capacity, that just doesn't seem feasible to the average homeowner.  However, there are feasible ways to change the look of a room without breaking the bank.


Tip #1:  First and foremost ... Declutter, Declutter, Declutter.  Getting organized first is imperative to changing the landscape around you.  If you have items in a room that you haven't looked at or touched in at least 6 months or more, then recycle, sell or donate.  We're not talking about those collectibles that bring meaning to you or a loved one.  We're talking about items that really have no further use in your space.  


Tip #2:  Change the paint color on your walls.  Paint is an easy way to transform a room with minimal cost and achieve a more clean and updated look.  I know that's easier said than done but the color on your walls may be the one thing preventing your room from moving forward ... and when in doubt, select a neutral color that will easily mix and match with the other pieces in your room.


Tip #3:  Take inventory of the furniture in your space ... is it tired, dated, past its prime? Before you think of tossing that furniture for the latest and greatest, or even just living with it for all the reasons you've chosen over time, think of repainting and/or restoring it.  Once again, paint can transform a room unlike so many other mediums out there.  We custom hand-paint furniture and restore life back into each piece we touch.  Need ideas of how to move forward ... we're happy to share our knowledge and give you new perspective on your furniture.  


Tip #4:  Start small and build momentum.   Once you've decluttered, repainted, and reassessed your furniture, begin adding to the room through pillows, throw blankets, flowers, lighting, pieces that begin to bring meaning to a room for you.  Before long, your room(s) will begin to look and feel refreshed ... no longer tired ... no longer dated.  


It doesn't happen over night.  What I often tell people is to start with one quality piece and build from there.  Quality doesn't diminish over time and holds its place year after year. So the next time you walk through your home and shake your head for whatever reason, take one step forward to making that room one you'll enjoy again ... for at least the next 10 years!  

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