Father's Day is June 19

June 14, 2016


I was one of those fortunate kids growing up ... you know the kind that has a father they think is just great.  He was the calm before the storm, attentive, caring, very active in our lives.  I grew up with a father who served 32 years in the Air Force.  He excelled at every thing he did and I noticed ... I paid attention.  He was the kind soul you never wanted to disappoint.   I remember the times I would tell him something, such as a grade that wasn't up to par, and he'd get this look on his face.  We all know the "look" ... he'd shake his head slowly and say "Kim, Kim, Kim".  Noooooooo ... I'll do better next time.  I'll make sure my grades improve. Anything to not see the "look".  And yet, that was so inconsequential to all the other moments in time.  He was a great Softball player in his youth, even going on to play for the Air Force.  He loved Bowling, great comedies, classic movies, ping pong and so much more. He attended all our ball games, played sports with us on the weekends, got involved in all aspects of our lives.  So the one thing that stands out above all the rest ... he loved his kids. So yes, we were the fortunate ones ... and we knew we were.  You see we still are ... my brother and I have the best Father ever.  We are blessed ... and we hope he knows it too.  


What does Father's Day mean to you?  Perhaps it's a day you enjoy spending with that one person who made a difference in your life too.  Father's can represent anyone who served in that capacity ... your Dad, Step-Dad, Grandfather, Uncle ... even your Mother.  Whoever fits that role for you, remember to say a special Thank You on June 19th.  Or give them a hug, take them to dinner, call and let them know you were thinking of them.  Taking a moment unlike any other moments will mean more than you even know.  


So on behalf of Southern Traditions Home and our family, we proudly recognize all the amazing Father's and Thank You for who you are to us.  Happy Father's Day!  

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