Clearing Away Clutter to a Happier Home

May 27, 2016


How often are our intentions good ... we really do mean to clear away that clutter, become more organized, feel happier in our surroundings.  And yet life gets in the way and before long we're chasing our tails picking up here and there and everywhere.  I've often heard remarks made that clutter does reflect a happy home or spending time with my family is more important than picking up.  I've also heard that clutter is stressful and zaps my energy. While all those reasons are certainly valid, the concept of clearing away clutter to a happier home doesn't necessarily mean you're spending all your waking hours cleaning, straightening, organizing.  Becoming more organized isn't about you picking up the clothes off the floor or putting the dishes in the dishwasher or cleaning the bathrooms. It's about creating a system of ease that allows things to fall where they should not where they might.  


Some of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to organize their homes is trying to do it all at once.  They believe that if they clean the entire house then they'll be organized and therefore things will flow better ... and they can keep it that way.  What's happening is that they're setting themselves up in a perpetual cycle of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning rather than becoming more organized. 


According to Melissa Michaels, Blogger and New  York Times Best Selling Author of Love the Home you Have, "you start at the door where the family usually enters, and create places for the clutter to land before it reaches the rest of the house.  Set up a paper recycling center and specific places to put mail, backpacks, shoes, and homework.  Then work your way around the house, decluttering and creating designated destinations within each space for everyday necessities." 


Or perhaps you're someone who dumps everything on the dining room table.  Before long you're sitting on the couch eating dinner because there's no room at the table.  Then begin your process at the table and start going through each item ... keep, pending, throw away. "Create and designate a few key clutter-free surfaces in your home, such as your dining room table and kitchen counter, to immediately make your home feel tidier and give you the inspiration and motivation to nip even more clutter in the bud."  


"Learn to always put items away when you are done using them, rather than setting them elsewhere, so you won't feel overwhelmed later by the growing chaos on every surface!"


If you need assistance or are unsure of where to start, we can help.  We provide a two-hour consultation to help get you on the right track.  We'll even follow up to ensure you're maintaining your more organized lifestyle afterwards or provide guidance on what your next steps might be.  And before long, your home will begin to function in a way that is pleasing to you and your family.   You can't put a price tag on that.  



(quotations from "Tips to Clear Clutter and Create a Happier Home" by Lisa Johnson Mandell as published in

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