Memorial Day ... remembering

May 25, 2016

Memorial Day Allows us to take a moment and reflect on those who gave their all for their country.  I, myself, was raised in the military with a father who served 32 years.  A Vietnam Veteran who went to language school for 9 months to become proficient in the language.  He was air lifted and dropped in a remote village for one year to help take care of the people. We were blessed that my father returned safely and recognized how heroic his efforts were.  


We're all touched by someone who served their country in some capacity.  Whether you were raised in the military, married someone serving our country, served yourself, or know and appreciate others who have served.  We are fortunate and blessed when they return home safely to us.  However, not all of us were so fortunate.  For those who did not return home, Memorial Day allows us to publicly pay our respects and remember each of them. Taking a moment to fly your Flag, place a Flag at someone's gravesite, Thank a Veteran for their services, or make a donation to a Charity of your choice (Wounded Warriors, Support our Troops, USO, Disabled American Veterans, Fisher House Foundation, and more).  


So on behalf of Southern Traditions Home and our family, we proudly salute you and Thank You for your selfless acts of heroism.  We do remember ... 



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